Lordy Dordie 'Neon Lights' Lipstick Pouch

Lordy Dordie 'Neon Lights' Lipstick Pouch


We love wearable art! Brisbane artist Georgina Forbes from Lordy Dordie has joined forces with Liv & Milly to create a collection of limited edition bags. Featuring two of Georgina's most popular designs, Wildflowers and Neon Lights, we are delighted to bring you this exciting new range. Collect them all!

This cute little lipstick pouch, is the perfect compact size to pop those 'special items' you need to keep safe in.  Use it for a few lipsticks, take your earrings out and store them after a big day, or even for some lady bits. We all need one of these in our handbag, why not make it a super cute and stylish pouch.

Size:  H8.5cm x L13.5cm x D1cm